Upcoming Esports Conferences in 2022

By Ellen M. Zavian, Esq., Editor-in-Chief ESL

We have seen the numbers of growth for gamers during the past 3 years, along with the prediction of growth for the audience and viewers. Thus, it is not a surprise that this trend is followed by the growth of the individuals working behind the scenes, to support and develop the expanding esport infrastructure. Consequently, it is a natural progression to see the growth of esport specific conferences to engage these business and legal minds on a sport that has taken hold, globally.

We caught up with three conferences that will be held in-person and virtual for 2022, to learn a bit more about their offerings and goals.

SportsTravel Summit, June 21-23, 2022, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Event Link: https://www.esportstravelsummit.com/about

The SportsTravel Magazine has created a summit for “esports organization leaders (including CEOs, esports directors, event organizers, event managers), the travel and hospitality industry (leaders at convention and visitor bureaus, sports commissions, venue management companies etc.) and industry suppliers (representatives from hotel companies, transportation companies, insurance companies, security companies, technology companies, white label production, consultants, etc.).”

The main goal for the 2022 conference is to “continue to provide cutting edge research and information to the industry on trends of the moment and to showcase our host city of Daytona Beach and its progress in hosting live esports events.” Jason Gewirtz, Vice President, Sports Division, Northstar Meetings Group, believes specific esport conferences are necessary because the “make up of the organizations and requirements are different” This conference “allows us to highlight the trends” along with the need to serve as “an educational resource for destinations and venues that are first getting involved in the hosting of esports events.”

With a focus on travel and hospitality in the industry, the conference will also have one-on-one appointments for the purpose of business development. This will enable deals to get done while at the conference learning trends and expanding one’s network.

Esports Integrity Commission inaugural Global Esports Summit, EGES, April 13-14, 2022, ExCel Center in London, UK

Event link: https://www.eges.gg/

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According to Ian Smith, Commissioner of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), the EGES Summit has been created for the esports ecosystem. Specifically, “those people who provide services and products to the esports industry, such as lawyers, financial services professionals, investors, hard and software producers and merchandise providers.” The main theme for 2022 runs deep in the goals of the ESIC, “to create the destination of choice for everyone in and connected to the ecosystem.” Since this will be one of two summits for ESIC in 2022, Smith believes this will allow them to capture this “fast-moving industry” without waiting a whole another year.

The need for a conference is clear to ESIC. “Esports is far less well understood than traditional sports and we are still at a relatively basic education level for service providers and investors who are looking at our industry for opportunities.” In addition, as a “trusted neutral” in the industry, “we are able to attract stakeholders from the widest spectrum of the ecosystem.”

EGES will be held alongside another popular conference, ICE, where the gathering of gaming (gambling) experts will convene. ICE is the largest global gathering of gaming operators in Europe. While it will be a busy few days, no matter if one is attending the EGES and/or ICE conferences, the term ‘gaming’ will be the hot topic of the day.

Esports Venue Summit Set for May 4-5, 2022, Swansea Arena, Wales, UK

Event link: Esports Venue Summit – https://www.esportsvenuesummit.com/

According to Sam Wibrew, Head of Stadia & Events Portfolio, Hemming Group is hosting the Esports Venue Summit (EVS) in early May 2022 at Swansea Arena in Wales, UK (in person with a virtual option). The EVS’ goal is to bring together the esports and entertainment venue industries to discuss the latest developments in esports venues and in-person tournaments.

While their audience casts a wide net (i.e. property owners, operators, game developers, rights holders, bidding cities, team owners, tournament/league organizers), Wibrew is seeking to grow upon his successful 2020 online event that “attracted 1200 virtual attendees”.  With the goal of rotating this summit around the globe, Wibrew believes that no matter where the conference lands, “it will be a platform for exchange of ideas and best practices.”

The need to expand revenue options for venues, especially after the Pandemic closed most locations down, is “what our attendees are focusing on; ways increase their existing revenue streams.” As Wibrew’s team finishes the final touches to their panelist, he is confident, “there is no other conference focusing solely on the venue!”


No matter where your travels may take you, ESL is confident you will be able to locate an esports conference that is a right for you!

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