We recommend the following resources:

  • Hackney Publications
    Hackney Publications delivers valuable and important information about the legal side of the sports industry. Its overriding mission, through its publications, is to maintain a narrow editorial focus on issues that matter to its subscribers. The company was founded by journalist Holt Hackney, who has spent more than 30 years writing about sports, business and the law. Besides SFL, Hackney Publications also produces Legal Issues in College Athletics, Sports Litigation Alert, Journal of NCAA Compliance, Legal Issues in High School Athletics, Concussion Litigation Reporter, and Professional Sports and the Law.
  • Saul Ewing
    Competitive video gaming (esports) is a global phenomenon, and a multi-billion-dollar industry. The budgets for developing some of today’s hottest video games are larger than the budgets for many motion pictures. The revenue generated by these games can be equally as significant. Added to that, live esports events are increasing in size all the time, and will soon reach the levels of traditional sports. As the industry continues to experience exponential growth, the number and complexity of legal issues will only increase. 

    Our Video Gaming & Esports Practice is a multi-office, cross-practice team with a deep knowledge base. We advise video game designers, publishers and distributors with respect to licensing and litigation; colleges and universities with regard to establishing and maintaining esports programs; and professional esports organizations with regard to investments, acquisitions and branding. Our team understands this international industry, and many of us are gamers. This perspective allows us to support our esports and video gaming clients with creative business strategies and legal advice on a variety of potential legal issues.